UK: Gay Afghans can be deported to their country if they ‘pretend to be straight’

London: Under new British government guidelines for handling asylum applications, gay Afghans can be deported to their country, but, they will have to pretend that they are straight, as homosexuality is illegal in Afghanistan.

The Home Office’s own Afghanistan unit, however, has criticised the guidance, whereas human rights groups have denounced the same, considering it as a violation of international law, as stated in the Guardian.

The document, dated last month, clearly mentions the number of risks the LGBT Afghans face from their families, Afghan laws, and from Taliban insurgents, as homosexuality is considered a taboo in the country.

However, the guidance argues that since the Afghan government has not prosecuted anyone with regard to the same and that the Taliban is not currently threatening the capital, the gay Afghans can live safely in Kabul, while keeping their identity a secret.