UK citizens demands Netanyahu’s arrest on his arrival in London – 80,000 signatures obtained

London: Electronic Intifada reported that more than 80,000 people have signed a representation at the UK’s Parliament website demanding the arrest Benjamin Netanyahu, PM of Israel when he visits London in September.

If the more than one lakh signatories make this demand, it will be discussed in UK Parliament which is mandatory. The petitioners demanded that PM of Israel should be arrested for his war crimes killing more than 2000 civilians in Gaza last year.


According to International Law and the UK legal system, foreign dignitaries visiting UK get legal protection and hence they can neither arrested nor detained in the country. This was clarified by UK Govt.


However PM of UK admitted that the massacre in Gaza last year was a heinous crime and he expressed sorrow. He expressed the inability to arrest PM of Israel under the existing laws.


It may be noted that ceasefire agreement was signed on 26 August last year but Israel violated it number of times.