UK to ban WhatsApp under ‘snoopers charter’ law

London, July 10:  Using WhatsApp can be a past thing for Brits as the popular application is now facing a total UK ban because of a new law enforcement that would stop people sending any form of encrypted messages.

Talking about this issue earlier this year, David Cameron questioned that if in their country, they should allow a means of communication between people which they cannot read, reported the Daily Star.

Answering his question with a no, Cameron had said that being the Prime Minister he will make sure it is a comprehensive piece of legislation that makes sure that they didn’t allow terrorist safe spaces to communicate with each other.

It is being said that the controversial law, which is nicknamed the ” snoopers charter,” can be in place by the autumn.

Home Secretary Theresa May has warned that the Government will push the legislation through with the recent terrorist atrocities in Tunisia and France forcing the government to act quickly.

The laws would mean online services such as WhatsApp, Google, Facebook and Apple would be forced to hand over messages, sent by users, to government security agencies such as MI5. (ANI)