Uddhav Thackeray to chair meeting with Shiv Sena MLAs

Mumbai: As the question over new chief minister of Maharashtra persists following Assembly polls win, Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray will chair a meeting with newly-elected party MLAs on Saturday.

The BJP-Shiv Sena alliance won an absolute majority in the Maharashtra assembly polls with the former emerging as the single largest party in the state with 105 seats. Shiv Sena, on the other hand, bagged 56 seats in the elections.

Earlier this week Thackeray raised questions over whether the BJP or his party will get the chief minister’s seat in the state.

“The important question is who will be the chief minister? When the Lok Sabha elections were held we had decided on the 50-50 formula in the state. (BJP state chief) Chandrakant Patil raised some issues this time which we understood but we can only tolerate so much. After all, we have to run our party too. If the need arises Amit (Shah) Ji should come here to carry out what was decided earlier,” he said.

“Discussions should be held over what was decided and then it will be decided who the chief minister will be,” the Shiv Sena chief added.

The NCP also increased its numbers as compared to the 2014 elections with 54 seats while the Congress slipped to the fourth position winning 44 seats.