Uber to soon launch food delivery app in Indian market

New Delhi: Major Taxi aggrigator and transportation app Uber will soon launch its on-demand food delivery app ‘UberEATS’ in the Indian market.

The US-based company had started UberEATS in 2014 as a small delivery pilot in Los Angeles. Since then, it has been expanded to become a stand-alone app.

UberEATS is currently available in 58 cities globally, including Bangkok, Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Taipei.

While the company has not shared the launch date for the app, it is working on setting up a network of restaurants, restaurant partners and delivery partners in India.

“I am incredibly excited about bringing UberEATS to India. This is a significant investment, it spans across multiple cities and regions, and it has the potential to change the food industry ? with the push of a button ? in one of the most vibrant food cultures in the world,” UberEATS Asia Pacific Head Allen Penn said in a blogpost.

It added that the new app will give consumers, restaurant partners, and delivery partners more options across India.

“Restaurants can tap into the Uber delivery network to expand their businesses and reach a new network of potential customers. And delivery partners now have access to even more flexible earning opportunities,” the blogpost said.