Uber launches new service in Australia

Canberra: Uber launched a maxi-cab style service with UberXL in Australia’s Queensland state on Thursday, which allows up to six people in one car, a service it claims is 30 per cent cheaper than current traditional maxi-taxis.

Uber’s ride-sharing service, however, is outlawed in Queensland state, with regulators in May increasing fines to $1,772 for Uber drivers, and up to $17,718 for administrators caught, Xinhua news agency reported.

State authorities have also launched an independent review into ride-sharing services.

“This just demonstrates their lack of respect and the disrespect of the process,” a government official said. Uber has not altered its operations in the state from the harsh penalties, but is involved in the review of ride sharing services.

“Obviously we are working with the government and their review… but at the moment it’s business as usual and making sure we provide safe and affordable rides and different options for consumers,” an Uber official said.