UAE-USA commitment to cooperate in the face of climate change

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the United States of America (USA) on Monday announced their joint commitment to confront the repercussions of climate change and on the importance and necessity of promoting global climate ambitions.

 The two countries announced their intention to cooperate to invest in financing decarbonization in the Middle East and North Africa region and elsewhere.

The UAE-USA are committed to helping those most affected by climate change adaptation to its repercussions.

On this occasion, the minister of industry and advanced technology and the UAE’s Special Envoy for Climate Change, Dr. Sultan bin Ahmed Al-Jaber, said: “The UAE has close historical relations with the United States of America, and in line with the approach of our wise leadership by strengthening cooperation in pursuit of progress and serving the common interests of the two countries and the world.

“The UAE and the United States will implement effective measures and a proactive approach in the field of climate action to contribute to advancing economic growth and sustainable development, and today operates three of the world’s largest solar facilities, we will focus, together with the US, on joint efforts on renewable energy, hydrogen, industrial decarbonization, carbon capture and storage, nature-based solutions, and low-carbon urban design,” he said, according to Gulf News.

Al-Jaber added that the UAE produces solar energy at the lowest cost in the world and allocates huge investments in carbon capture. “We look forward to sharing our experience with the international community to transform climate challenges into economic opportunities,” he further stated.

On the occasion, the United States and the UAE agreed to cooperate closely and work closely with the private sector to attract the necessary investments and support innovative technologies to mitigate the repercussions of climate change and adapt to it, and to create economic opportunities from addressing the challenges of climate change, referring to the progress made by several leading companies in this field.