UAE new visa schemes; here’s all we know so far

Abu Dhabi: In an attempt to boost the economy of the nation, United Arab Emirates (UAE) earlier on September 5 announced new residency rules that caused quite a stir among people. The ‘green visa’ in the country will be launched for expats who can work in the country without sponsorship.

Here is an explanation of everything we know so far about the new visa schemes introduced by the country.

What is a green visa?

The new class of visas called ‘green visas’, which will allow expatriates to apply for work without being sponsored by an employer. UAE announced as part of the ‘Projects of the 50’ to be commemorating the UAE’s 50th anniversary.

What type of visa is it?

A green visa, just like a golden visa, gives the holders self-residency status. Distinguish between work permits and residencies. This means that the residence permit is not linked to the company’s work permit.

The self-stay visa is sponsored by employees themselves, not by their companies if they are employed.

Who is eligible for the Green visa?

With green visa, the status of self-residency has been expanded to investors, entrepreneurs, highly skilled individuals, students and high-performing alumni.

People who run small and medium enterprises, scientists and other talented will also be considered.

Benefits of the Green visa?

Green visa holders can sponsor their parents and children up to 25-years on their permits.

Allow people who have lost their jobs to stay in the UAE for up to 180 days.

What is a freelancer visa?

The freelancer visa is a new federal self-employment visa announced along with the green visa.

It is the first federal scheme of its kind, and it enables employers to take care of themselves.

Who can apply for the freelancer visa?

Self-employed employees based in the UAE and overseas in specialized areas such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and digital currencies.

New changes for the golden visa?

Eligibility for the golden visa has been expanded to include directors, managers and professionals in science, engineers, health, education, business and technology.

The 10-year-old prestigious visa category has been made easier for highly-skilled residents, professionals, investors, entrepreneurs, scholars, pioneers, students and pioneers.