UAE couple kisses in public, arrested

Abu Dhabi, June 07: An Abu Dhabi appeals court is trying an Arab man and a Russian woman accused of kissing each other in a public place in violation of local social traditions, press reports said on Tuesday.

A court in the capital earlier sentenced the man for a suspended one year imprisonment, prompting him to appeal the verdict on the grounds the girl was his fiancée and that they got married later.

The unnamed man confessed to kissing the Russian woman in a public place in the capital but denied it was in an “obscene” way, Emarat Al Youm daily said.

“The man said there was a misunderstanding about the incident and that he did not intend to hurt the feelings of any one,” it said.

“The judge told him that the couple, whether married or not, have not right to indulge in such practices in a public place on the grounds the man is Moslem and he lives in a conservative society that does not accept such deeds.”

The paper said the trial was adjourned to June 22.