UAE begins home schooling via e-learning

DUBAI: With ‘professional’ background in cam view, Sunday morning in United Arab Emirates started for teachers and students logging into their digital class.

Dress in smart casuals and sit comfortably, hundreds of thousands of children perched behind computer screens at home to attend day one of e-learning after campuses closed on March 8 as a precaution against coronavirus.

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, educational institutions across UAE started E-learning, also called distance learning that will run until schools re-open.

KG1 students chats with their teacher during e-learning class

Parent or adult sits with the young pupils in their remote learning and live lessons, greet and watch the ready to instructing activities.

Teachers working from home using Google tools and Zoom to carry out the learning.

Teachers keep watch over the students during their conversations, monitor and track the performance of pupils during the e-learning period.

Pre-recorded videos, offline study material have already uploaded by teachers before the classes moved online.

There were some technical glitches but no major disruptions were reported.