UAE: 22-year-old Indian driver wins 1kg gold in Mahzooz draw

Abu Dhabi: A 22-year-old United Arab Emirates (UAE) based Indian driver has won 1kg of gold in the special one-off draw held as part of Mahzooz’s celebration of 50th UAE National Day in the recent weekly draw.

The winner of draw Akshay Eriyakadan Aravindan moved to UAE two years ago to work as a driver at a gas agency to support his mother, brother, and sister-in-law back in India.

Akshay believes the prize is a blessing from his late father who died of cancer. The draw happened on the same day as his father’s first death anniversary. “My dad was my pillar of strength and life’s hard without him. I think he sent this prize my way to make my life easier and reduce the burden of my responsibilities,” Akshay told Gulf News.

Indian expatriates Imran, who works as a sales project manager in UAE, and mechanic Riju, and Filipino restaurant supervisor Maria has won 1 million Dirham (Rs 2,06,34,490) each in a weekly Mahzooz draw.

Forty three winners shared the 1 million Dirham second prize, taking home 23,255 Dirham (Rs 4,79,855) each. The top prize of Dh10,000,000 is still up for grabs in the upcoming Grand Draw on December 11, 2021 at 9 pm UAE time (10 pm IST).