U.S. puts Pakistan on notice, rubbishes accusations against India

Islamabad : U.S. National Security Council (NSC) spokesperson Michael Anton has warned that President Donald Trump is planning to impose sanctions on terrorists including the Haqqani network having links to the Pakistan Governemnt and has outrightly dismissed its allegations against India’s encirclement through Afghanistan.

“The president has put Pakistan on notice. I think the important takeaway for the Pakistan Government last night is that, you know, they should understand that they’re on notice from this president, from this administration,” the International News quoted Anton, as saying, after Trump’s stern warning to Pakistan.

Anton stated that under the new Afghanistan strategy, the U.S. could conceivably impose sanctions on terrorist groups including the Haqqani network, which has links to elements in the Pakistan Government, as well as on any Pakistan officials “who are tied to these kinds of groups, you know, in ways that they shouldn’t be, the International News reported.

Pakistan’s apprehensions and allegations of India’s encirclement of them through Afghanistan is an “excuse” on the part of Pakistan, Anton said during the conference call with media.

“They (Indians) are not doing the things that would constitute encirclement, for lack of a better term, which is one of the things that the Pakistan complains about,” Anton said, thus strongly refuting the allegations in this regard, latest of which was mentioned in the statement issued by the Pakistan Foreign Office.

“What India is doing in Afghanistan is not a threat to Pakistan,” he claimed.

“They’re not building military bases. They’re not deploying troops. They’re not doing the things that would constitute encirclement, for lack of a better term, which is one of the things that the Pakistanis complain about,” he alleged.

The NSC spokesperson claimed that Trump had benefitted from an outsider’s perspective on the Pak-U.S. relationship by foregoing “conventional wisdom” that “however, much the Pakistanis double-deal you and lie to you and don’t cooperate, you have no choice but to just keep the status quo.”

In a tirade of allegations aimed at targetting Pakistan, despite being an ally of the U.S., Anton maintained that America had leverage points over Pakistan.

“Ultimately whether they behave better or not is completely up to them,” Anton threatened. (ANI)