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U.N appeals $500 million to educate 1 million Syrian children

U.N appeals $500 million to educate 1 million Syrian children

The war in Syria headed for a sixth year resulting in many Syrians fleeing and finding an alternate home in European countries.

United Nations education envoy Gordon Brown have made an humanitarian appeal on Tuesday for $500 million to allow half the two million Syrian refugee children to go to school who are wandering on roads.

International donors asked to come forward with large pledges, as along with basic needs like food and medicine, the Syrian refugee needed education and vocational training.

Brown said that while some 400,000 Syrian children have made their way to Europe and other countries to escape Syria’s five-year civil war, there are still some two million refugee children in Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan.

“This is a ray of hope for Syrian children, the majority of whom have not had the chance of education since they left Syria,” Brown said.

“Unless we take action to deliver educational opportunity we will not achieve full peace. These Syrian children are more vulnerable to child trafficking, they are vulnerable, obviously, to radical extremism,” quotes Reuters as Brown told. “They were also at risk of child labor and child marriage too”.

Brown also said that about 207,000 Syrian children were now being taught in schools in Lebanon using a “double-shift” system. Our aim is to impart education by all means. Some children are taught in the afternoon and some in the evenings after Lebanese children had completed their classes earlier in the day.