I shall not paint a communal picture over any issues. I say this because I come from the North east state, particularly Manipur. The champion of tolerant species who wears the garb of the most consorting figure, no matter how far I lost my own conscience to sink in with the fact that nothing is looking like the cover page, still I have to inhabit. The cover page says, we are the most loving, welcoming, dedicated, kind and of course tolerant legends.

Incidents like mob lynching of Mohammad Hasmat Ali, that witnessed recently in Manipur and now the brutally assault on six Muslim school boys amidst the Holi festive moods, shows such incidents are like sobbing in the rain where nobody is actually going to notice your standards of tyranny and crafted hypocrisy. The sham modesty here is not breathing behind the veil of tolerance, but becoming a mute spectator and letting the minority feels the host of every wrong doings. Believe me or not, this disease is not only present in mainland India but also in the North east state called Manipur. I said I shall not paint a communal picture (though I mentioned Muslim over the issue to reflect that there is Muslim minority) and I repeat this but I cannot dissemble with the fact that there is a ‘’tyranny of majority”.

This tyranny of majority pressured to conform the customs, beliefs, opinions and attitudes of the individuals .This is working successfully and so the conformity could be well seen when the top holders of minorities along with the tyrants remain muted like the tall Himalaya over every big issues. This happens because the northeast state like Manipur wants to live under the cover page of being highly tolerant and viable state otherwise it is a menace to mainland India.

Leaving the feigned face aside, I would love you to hear the silenced voice. Though I alone cannot represent the silenced minorities, but I can be one of those voices who wants non-conformity who fears the suppression under the beautiful cover of tolerance.

Silencing a voice to me is a suppression of mankind. Let the mankind, not die under the perfect looking picture by depriving the basic dignity of life. Lets not live under the double standards of always lamenting at the end. When the voice is to be heard take the call and save the children. Stop being silenced and speak up. This message goes to all those who are holding their mighty thrones folded their hands. The tyranny is to be executed.

The idea comes with the freedom of life and dignity and no doubt with the very freedom of speech. To nurture this idea, one has to respect the non-conformity. Likewise, in Manipur, this aspect of non-conformity is to be taken care. The rights of the minorities should not be taken granted. The justice of one should be treated as the justice of all or else the day of tyrannies never take time to fall into the traps of turmoil. Thus, Live and let live.