Two women labourers arrested for smuggling 50 Kgs of Ganja

Hyderabad: Two women laborers have been arrested by Railway Police in Secunderabad for smuggling ganja and delivering it in Mumbai.

According to the Police, three suspects have been apprehended after the cops seized 50 Kgs of ganja worth 7.5 lakh from them. The suspects basically hail from Odisha, were found carrying ganja on Mumbai Train LTT Express.

The suspects identified are Korra Jamuna, 30, Gabburu Kanthamma, 28, and Anukkam Mutti, 35 hail from Padav in Korapur district. The narcotics suppliers used these suspects by offering them an attractive commission for the delivery of the drug to their handlers in Mumbai.

The three suspects smuggled narcotics by concealing them in small bags tightly wrapped with Teflon.The bags were sprayed with room fresheners along with placing naphthalene balls and perfumed incense sticks to beat the dry ganja odor. The bags were then packed in luggage trolleys.

The suspects boarded the Mumbai LTT Express at Visakhapatnam. They were apprehended by Railway Police checking the train when it reached Secunderabad on Monday morning.

The three suspects confessed to their crime and were later produced in court.