Two policemen in TN fought over banana and got injured

In a night patrol, 2 policemen got into a big fight on Wednesday and hospitalised, all over eating a banana.
When the fight began to get out of hand, other policemen in the area turned up, separated them and took the badly injured duo to the Srirangam Government Hospital, where they have been admitted. Special sub-inspector Radha and driver Saravanan patrolling the streets of Srirangam and Thiruvanaikaval were found having a go at each other on the road after one of them ate the banana the other had brought.

According to police sources, Radha and Saravanan had been having arguments since they began their patrol. Saravanan had kept the banana for having it in the morning. When he found it missing and questioned Radha, he said he had eaten it. An enraged Saravanan began to shower abuse on Radha, who retaliated. This led to a scuffle, and eventually to fisticuffs. But for the intervention of the other policemen, things would have got out of hand. The duo who were bleeding from the nose and limbs are now nursing their injuries in the hospital.

Senior officials of the department are said to be inquiring into the incident.