Two persons drown in farm house swimming pool

Summer is at its peak, due to which people are going to farmhouses located in the vicinity of the city to escape the heat but the swimming pools of private farmhouses are proving to be death traps.

In one such incident, a youth and a minor child got drowned in a swimming pool.

According to the report of the police, a 25-year-old youth by name, Shoeb Khan, resident of Kishan Bagh, Bahadurpura went to OSSN Quraishi Farm House located at Moinabad. He was swimming in the pool. He lost balance and got drowned. Later, it was found that he did not know how to swim.

In an unconscious state, he was rushed to hospital where the doctors declared him brought dead.

Narsingi police registered a case and started the investigation.

[source_without_link]SIASAT NEWS[/source_without_link]