Two nurses at Gandhi Hospital in Hyderabad suspended

Hyderabad: Two staff nurses of state-run Gandhi Hospital were today suspended after allegations that they administered expired injections to some children undergoing treatment there.

However, the hospital and health officials have denied the allegations.

The parents of around 10 children, who were admitted to hospital yesterday for various ailments alleged that their kids suffered reaction ranging from fever, motions to allergy after the nurses administered them with “expired” injections.

The Telangana Director of Medical Education (DME) M Ramani said an inquiry will be conducted in this regard tomorrow.

“An inquiry will be conducted tomorrow following allegations by some parents that expired injections were given. Two staff nurses have been suspended pending inquiry,” Ramani told PTI.

They (parents) are alleging that “sisters” (nurses) have given injections that were expired, however, “It is not expired injections…what has been given is within expiry date only, but inquiry has to be conducted,” she added.

Earlier, on March 18, two personnel of the hospital were suspended for allegedly demanding money for use of a wheel-chair from a patient having severe immobility problem.

The matter hogged limelight after patient, S Raju (in his 40s) had to move around in the hospital using a toy-vehicle as he was unable to shell out the alleged bribe amount of Rs 100 to Rs 200 for getting a wheel-chair.