Two more Nayeem aides arrested, land documents, cheques seized

On credible information, sleuths of SOT East Cyberabad have arrested two associates of slain gangster Nayeem, who were indulging in extorting money from the innocent people involving in land settlements in Maheshwaram Mandal of Ranga Reddy.

The accused were identified as Mohd Nawab, realtor of Mahatma Gandhi Nagar, Malkajgiri and Modi Ramesh of Sriram Nagar Colony, Yusufguda Hyderabad and native of Porandla village under Maheshwaram Mandal of Ranga Reddy District.


Police said Mohd Nawab was into the real estate business during the boom in Maheshwaram Mandal. He happened to meet one Shakeel of Bhongir, one of the key associates of Nayeem. Through Shakeel, Mohd Nawab met Nayeem a number of occasions.  Shakeel and Nayeem also had eye on the real estate business in Maheshwaram Mandal and they instructed Nawab to work out cases where there is dispute between parties.


During one business transaction, Mohd Nawab met one Ramesh of Maheshwaram and became friends and started looking for lands where there are disputes. In the process Ramesh came to know that one RMP Yadaiah of Maheshwaram was having a dispute with one Jaya Reddy of Jubilee Hills with respect of 30 acres of land in Kothapet in Mahbubnagar district.


Nawab informed the same to Shakeel, who in turn, informed Nayeem and Nawab contacted Yadaiah and assured him that he would settle the issue. Meanwhile, Yadaiah expired and his son Ramu was not in a position to give money as demanded by Nawab for settling the issue. Taking advantage of Ramu’s condition, Nawab secured the details of Jaya Reddy through Ramesh and telephoned him and threatened him to settle the issue saying that he is an associate of Nayeem and that he would physically eliminate him if he fails to concede to their demand.  Nawab and Ramesh started demanding Jaya Reddy to pay money and on two occasions they collected a total Rs 60 lakh from Jaya Reddy.


During that period, Jaya Reddy sold his 21 acres of land in Porandla to his neighbour Ravi Teja for a hefty price. When Ramesh came to know about this, he informed Nawab, who contacted Jaya Reddy and demanded huge money as he had good profit in the land sale.  Unable to bear his threats, Jaya Reddy paid Rs 80 lakh to Nawab and the money was shared by Nawab, Shakeel and Ramesh.

One of the relatives of Nawab, Mohd Younus, a software engineer working in Japan, China and Europe, gave money to Nawab as investment.  Nawab advanced the money as hand loans to various persons, at higher rates of interest and later started threatening them to pay more money. They also obtained promissory notes and blank cheques and started squeezing money from the innocent public.  He is also involved in disputed lands in Yadagirigutta and adjoining areas and started indulging in threatening people to sell their lands to him.  In this manner, Nawab and Ramesh threatened people saying they are associates of Nayeem and extorted money.

The arrests were made under direct supervision of Mahesh M Bhagavath, Commissioner of Police, East Cyberabad with the guidance of E. Ramchandra Reddy, Addl DCP, SOT Cyberabad by K. Narsing Rao and N. Surendar, Inspector, A. Ramulu, Anjaneyulu, SI and staff of SOT, East Cyberabad. (NSS)