‘Two-Nation Theory’ a complete fraud: MQM leader Altaf Hussain

London [UK]: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) founder leader Altaf Hussain has said that the ‘Two-Nation Theory’ was completely a fraud.

Hussain challenged the religious scholars, clerics, and preachers who consider themselves capable of proving that the said theory was based on reality to engage with him for dialogue and in case, they prove the theory sound then he would become their disciple and would then follow their words.

“The said theory was invented by the British Empire to deceive and divide the people of the Indian Sub-Continent,” he added.

He said this while addressing live to his millions of followers through social media. He categorically asserted that the division of the Indian sub-continent was a blunder.

“British Empire had occupied Indian sub-continent and Indians were slaves to the British rulers and hence they introduced that theory so as to keep the Muslims and Hindus divided so that the British could rule for a longer time. Unfortunately, Muslim and Hindu populations had both accepted that fraudulent and mischievous notion of Two-Nation Theory,” he said.

He further said that the said theory was to prevent any revolution against the tyrant occupation of the British Empire and also to fail the freedom movement for India.

“The Two-Nation-Theory never ever existed on earth planet and also from a religious perspective, the theory stands a fraud, as well. The history of mankind never witnessed any such stupid idea as that of the Two-Nation-Theory,” said Hussain.

He said: “When prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) started preaching Islam and people entered Islam, people used to live in tribes and each tribe had its own identity but they were all Muslims believing in the oneness of Allah, embraced Quran as the only divine book and hence they were never one nation. ”

Hussain said that prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had formed companies of warriors against the enemies of Islam based on different tribal identity with their unique banners and colours.
“Those who believe in and advocate for the Two-Nation-Theory are actually negating the true teachings of Islam laid in the Quran and those who are negating the Holy Book of Quran have, in fact, turned as non-believers,” he said.

He also questioned the oneness of the community saying, “If the Muslims are one, then why they stand divided into 56 Muslim countries.”

“Even Saudi Arabia, which is the epicentre of the Muslim world never, allows Muslims from across the world to get Saudi nationality. Same is with Christianity and they also live in different countries of the world and have separate and distinct nationality,” he argued.

The MQM founder leader Hussain said that the fact is that the people of Indian sub-continent were befooled by the-then ruling British Empire and on the basis of that notorious Two-Nation Theory, the British Empire had successfully divided the Indian sub-continent and handed it over to their trusted and loyal slaves.