Did the two Muslim MLAs deceive Nayeem in the name of compromise?

Hyderabad: To trust two Muslim MLAs cost Nayeem heavily. It is understood that Nayeem wanted to surrender to the police after his illegal activities had come to limelight. There are reports that two Muslim MLAs had very intimate contacts with Nayeem and they took advantage of their contacts. Police got video and audio records of these MLAs. It is understood that these two MLAs are constantly in contact with Nayeem. They had got very valuable lands with the help of Nayeem. He wanted these MLAs to make use of their good offices with the Govt. to get him a safe passage. He wanted to surrender and to face cases.

Is it true that these Muslim MLAs cheated him and caused him death. SIT has collected evidence against some politicians and police officials. Very soon, it is likely to issue notice under section 160 of CrPc.

It may be noted that DGP had constituted SIT on 10th August under the stewardship of Mr. Y. Nagi Reddy. SIT has so far registered 99 criminal cases against Nayeem and arrested 83 persons including his family members and supporters.

On account of extraordinary support from police officials and politicians, Nayeem had established an empire through which he usurped many valuable properties and collected crores of rupees.

Opposition parties are criticizing the Govt. and demanding to handover the case to CBI but in order to avoid CBI investigation, Govt. entrusted the job to a senior IPS Officer of the cadre of Addl. DGP, Mr. Anjani Kumar. SIT has also got 5 police officials included into its team. SIT has so far taken action against the family members of Nayeem and his gang. It has to take action against police officials and politicians.

–Siasat News