Two men commit suicide in different incidents

Hyderabad: In Dundigal and Balanagar Police station areas in different incidents, two persons committed suicide.

According to the report of the police, the two persons who committed suicide were vexed with their wives since they had gone to their parents’ houses.

In Dundigal, Madhukar (32) was a private employee. Two days back, he went to his house in a drunken condition and fought with his wife. Consequently, the wife went to her parents’ house and refused to come back. Vexed with this, Madhukar committed suicide.

In another similar incident, Prasanna Kumar (34) used to quarrel with his wife in drunken condition frequently. Irritated with his behaviour, his wife went to her parents’ house. He got disappointed with this incident and committed suicide.

Police registered these cases and started investigations.

–Siasat News