Two leopards sharing a cattle captured in camera

Kagaznagar(Telangana): There was a cattle kill reported on the morning of March 28 in Sirpur Range of Kagaznagar Forest Division and the Forest department had installed camera traps and got very rare images of two leopards sharing a kill.

“Generally leopards are solitary and territorial in nature. They hunt alone and prefers small prey which can be lifted on to a tree or hide outs. In this case, there was a huge cattle killed and shared by two adult leopards. Group hunting or sharing of kill is very rare in leopards, unless they are siblings or mating pair or mother and cubs. Wildlife behaviour is very interesting and unpredictable..and there are always exceptions to general behaviour..” said A.Narasimha Reddy, Divisional Forest Officer Kagaznagar, who holds a P.G.Diploma in Wildlife Management from Wildlife Institute of India, Dehra Dun. (NSS)