Two kids punished in the school

On Saturday, two instances of corporal punishment were reported in two different schools in the city.

Sri Charan, a class IV students of Sri Chaitanya School was made to do 100 sit-ups as he was absent for a week due to typhoid. The footage shows that the boy could not walk properly due to the severe punishment.

Another child Y. Dhanush, of SVS Grammer School, Hayatnagar, from LKG class was beaten for not paying attention in the class.

Y. Ganesh, the parent of Y. Dhanush said: “When we visited the school regarding the issue, the management was reluctant to give any explanation. Principal Venkatesh Reddy asked us not to make a fuss for a ‘small issue’ and to ‘ignore it’. He said that they had not beaten the child intentionally and it was done to control the behaviour in class. The teacher, however, said that the child had been beaten.”

Sticks, wooden ruler and wooden duster were already banned to reduce the misuse of these materials, but still these are creeping in some schools.