Two held for rape attempt on minor

Patna : The Patna Police, on Saturday, arrested two youths, for attempting to rape a minor in the city’s Mithapur Sabzi Mandi area.

“I was returning home last night when one of these two snatched my phone and when I asked them to give it back, they manhandled me,” said the victim.

Allegedly, the girl was also sold off by her family members for Rs five lakhs.

“Even I didn’t know about this, but together, my mother, younger uncle and my sister sold me off to someone for five lakhs,” she added.

The alleged attempt to rape the girl was being made by the two accused a mere 500 meters away from the local police station.

“Whatever she just said are lies, we were just going to eat when my companion called out to her, and they walked away with hands on shoulders. I just went ahead to get the food, and when I got back, these two were in a room together,” said one of the accused.

On being asked if he had any intentions of committing the act, he said, “I was going to, but I didn’t”

“If I have wronged her, you can go ahead and kill me,” he added.

The Deputy Superintendent of Police, Law and Order, Mohammad Shibli Numani, said, “We have arrested two persons on accusations of attempt to rape a girl near the Kotwali Police Station last night, we have lodged an FIR against the accused and ensured that the requisite medical examinations have been carried out on the victim.”

“Initial reports suggest no internal or external injuries have been sustained by the girl, however, we are inquiring the victim and the accused and further investigations are currently ongoing,” he said. (ANI)