Two days cyber exercise for agencies to deal with cyber threats

New Delhi: The Defence Ministry is carrying out a two-day cyber exercise, wherein agencies including RAW, DRDO, National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO) and National Security Council are learning how to tackle the threats faced in the cyber domain.
“The exercises are being held on scenario building and response on April 29-30. The exercise is represented by services, NSCS, NTRO, CERT-in, DRDO, NIC, CSRC, Academia and Industry,” said Army spokesperson Lt Col Mohit Vaishnav.
“This exercise shall incorporate all best practices which were recommended during the cyber workshop held earlier with a view to exercising options at different levels to seek synergised response based on the assessment of the situation and own capability,” he said.
The scope of the exercise would encompass the threat landscape and its impact, incident reporting and response framework, procedures for information exchange, attribution, evidence gathering and malicious service takedown, enhancement of capabilities required to protect information, and information systems, enhance cyber awareness, readiness and coordination, integrated international responses and inter-governmental and inter-agency partnerships.