Two arrested for stealing valuables from parked cars

New Delhi: Two persons have been arrested for allegedly breaking open windows of parked cars with a catapult and escaping with valuables, police said today

Bhure (22), a resident of Uttar Pradesh, was apprehended yesterday from Khan market area by two Delhi Police constables when a parking attendant raised an alarm after noticing him fleeing with a bag, which he had allegedly stolen from one of the cars parked there, they said.

The owner of the car also arrived and identified his bag containing some documents and ID cards. The accused had stolen the bag from his car after breaking the window with the catapult, police said.

Meanwhile, another person arrived there and reported that someone has stolen his bag from his car parked in Amrita Shergil Lane nearby.

Thereafter, during Bhure’s interrogation he disclosed that the second theft from the car parked at Amrita Shergil Marg was also committed by him along with his associate namely 22-year-old Suraj who had fled away from the spot with stolen bag, the police claimed.

After his interrogation, a team was constituted and raids were conducted, subsequent to which Suraj was arrested and the stolen articles were recovered from him.

When they were questioned, both the accused confessed to their involvement in a series of thefts committed in various areas of Delhi by breaking the glass of the parked cars, the police claimed in a release.

According to the police, the gang disposed of the stolen articles at their native place in Badayun district of Uttar Pradesh and also that they do not have a specific hideout in Delhi or neighbouring areas.

“Efforts are being made to trace the remaining associates of accused persons involved with the gang and to effect more recovery of stolen properties,” police said.

Their arrest was made easier by the ‘Eyes and Ears Scheme’ of the Delhi Police, under which parking attendants were briefed to remain vigilant to prevent such incidents, a senior officer said.

A catapult, two bags, one stolen mobile phone, one stolen Casio watch, three ATM cards, a driving licence and other small articles were recovered from them.

With their arrest, police claims to have solved six cases of theft of valuables from parked cars by breaking their windows with a catapult.