Two arrested in Saudi Arabia over bomb plot

Riyadh: The Saudi interior ministry on Saturday said a Syrian man and a woman from the Philippines were arrested in capital Riyadh for obtaining material in preparation for a suicide bomb attack.
The man, named Yasser Mohammad al-Brazy, had planted several explosive devices around his home in the al-Fayhaa neighbourhood in the Saudi capital. It is believed he was intending for security forces to enter his home, before setting off the bombs, Al Arabiya News reported.
It took security forces 12 hours to dismantle the explosive devices and evacuate the premises.
al-Brazy is believed to have forced the woman, named Lady Joy, to live with him since a year ago. Reports said that he was believed to have forced her to convert to Islam, the ministry said.
Joy was given the job of sewing explosive belts to be used in the planned suicide mission. The belts have now been seized by authorities.
The ministry also announced that it had uncovered a base in al-Jazira district used to house and equip suicide bombers.
Earlier this week, the ministry announced that it had intercepted an ISIS cell during four simultaneous operations in Riyadh and Dammam city.