Two Army soldiers killed in freak fire, nine injured

New Delhi: In a freak fire, two Army snipers were killed while nine others were injured while taking part in a training exercise at a field firing range in Mhow near Indore in Madhya Pradesh.

“Two Indian Army soldiers were killed in a fire incident at the Bercha firing range in Mhow near Indore. The fire was caused due to spark during firing practice,” Army officials said.

Sources in the Army said out of the nine soldiers injured in the incident, three were critical.

The fire was caused due to sparks from the firing of the sniper rifles which burnt the dry leaves and grass surrounding the hideout from where they were practicing.

The fire on the soldiers’ dress spread rapidly as they were wearing gille suits which is the camouflage worn by snipers.

Some of the soldiers who came to rescue them were also wearing similar suits and that is why they also suffered burn Injuries, sources said.

The Indian Army has ordered a court of inquiry to probe the incident, officials said.