Twitterati call for boycotting Myntra for an old ‘anti-Hindu’ poster

On Monday, Boycott Myntra, Uninstall Myntra and similar hashtags started trending on Twitter. But this time it is trending for the exact same reason it did in 2016, for an ‘anti-Hindu’ poster which it didn’t even make.

The hashtag, which had surfaced after an agency ‘ScrollDroll’ had put out an advertisement for e-commerce shopping platform, Myntra showed an illustration based on a scene from the Mahabharata.

Specifically, it showed the illustration of the disrobing of Draupadi and then tried to turn it into a selling point for Myntra, which is known for being a retailer of garments.

The graphic showed Krishna looking for ‘extra long’ sarees on the Myntra app as Dushaasan disrobed Draupadi. While the advertisement was made for some perhaps, outstretched humour, it didn’t go down well with Indians.  

And they were slammed for the graphic for trivializing the scene from the Hindu epic, deeming it disrespectful to their religion.

Now, the advertisement has once again resurfaced, with people uninstalling the application for the same reason as 2016, hurting Hindu sentiments.