Twitter users call out Akshay Kumar’s hypocrisy on fuel prices

Hyderabad: Tweets from 2012 on rising petrol prices by film actor Akshay Kumar are now coming back to haunt him as netizens have dug up Kumar’s old tweets censuring the then Congress government, and are questioning his silence on fuel prices now touching Rs 110 in the country.

One of Kumar’s tweets then had criticised the Congress government when petrol prices rose to Rs 62 in 2012. The actor’s bias, said citizens, is clear now given that he has not said a single thing on rising petrol and diesel prices.

In the tweet by Kumar, the Bollywood veteran actor said “When I saw Rs. 62 trending, I thought it must be either the reduced petrol price or some new scam of Rs. 62 crores but…”, while criticising the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who headed the United Progressive Alliance coalition government.

Moreover, Altnews co-founder Zubair also highlighted that Akshay Kumar has since deleted his old tweets. The fact that the actor is now also a Canadian citizen does not help, as many also question his patriotism (as to why he took Canadian citizenship).

On Monday however, the old tweet resurfaced and netizens didn’t leave the chance to troll the ‘khiladi.’