Twitter user asks Hindus not to help Kerala flood victims as they are mostly Muslims and Christians

It is unfortunate that now people are helping even the flood victims by looking at their religion.

Shakeel Shamsi has wrote in Inquilab that a journalist named Supriya Nair appealed people to help flood victims of Kerala. Replying to her tweet a youth named Salome with id ‘starrysky186’ said ‘Madam, don’t help the people of Kerala, as half of the population in Kerala comprises of Christians and Muslims. Let them face the hardship as Sabarimala had to face because of them. It is appalling to note that the humanity had stooped down to such an extent that now people want to know the religion of the victims of calamity before lending a helping hand to them.

However the brighter side of the story is that majority of the people who condemned the youth for his remark were Hindus. One of them even shared a picture in which a temple, a masjid and a church could be seen inundated. He wrote that when the natural disaster doesn’t differentiate between religions, who are we to differentiate between humans in the name of religion.