Twitter to let users change who can reply to tweets after posting

New Delhi: In a bid to give more power to its users, Twitter on Wednesday said it is rolling out a new feature where you can decide who can reply to your tweet after you post it, a move that will help curb harassers and abusers on the platform.

Called “Change who can reply,” the feature is available in the three dots menu next to your tweet.

“Your Tweets = Your space. Now you can change who can reply to you even after you Tweet,” the company said.

Currently, the users can limit who replied to your tweets, but they have to set that preference while writing the tweet.

With the new feature, the users can change who can reply at a later time.

The new feature will soon be available on iOS, Android and the web globally.

To change who can reply, click or tap the three-dot menu on a tweet and look for the option in the menu.

Earlier this month, the micro-blogging site revealed two concepts for upcoming features, including ‘trusted friends’, that would allow users to target tweets toward specific audiences without having to switch accounts or change privacy settings.

The first would enable people to designate “trusted friends” so some tweets would only be visible to that group.

The idea is similar to Instagram’s “close friends” feature for Stories.

According to an image shared by Twitter designer Andrew Courter, Twitter’s version would allow users to toggle the audience much like the way you can choose who can reply to you.

Another feature would allow people to take on different personas or “facets” from the same account.