#BoycottRedLabel trends over advt on Hindu-Muslim unity

Manufacturing company Hindustan Unilever is under fire after an old commercial advertisement showing Hindu-Muslim unity resurfaced on the Internet.

Twitterati criticize the tea company- Red Label for promoting Islamophobia and showing Hindus in a bad light. 

The video from September 13, 2018 surrounds the theme of Ganesh Chaturthi shows a Hindu man going to an idol-maker but steps back on knowing that a Muslim man has created it. He then walked away disappointed until the Muslim man offers him Red label chai.

The last frame reads, ‘Inspired by a true story.’

 Check out the video here:

YouTube video

Hate-filled comments were littered with vile and soon hashtag #BoycottRedLabel began trending on Twitter asking the makers to remove the advertisement from the entire streaming platform.

The Twitterati also asked the ad-makers to apologize for hurting religious sentiments. 

Here are some tweets: