Twists and turns in beautician Sirisha Death Case

Beautician Sirisha’s death is becoming curious reminiscent of a television soap opera as new theories and developments are surfacing with each passing day.


Family members of the beautician are expressing doubts over the manner in which the investigations were progressing. Sirisha’s husband and parents from day one were not buying the suicide theory. Now, her uncle Srinivasa Rao, a resident of Bengaluru where Sirisha was born, also opined that she being a “fire brand” would not take her own life. The allegation that Sirisha was murdered and attempts were being made to paint it as a suicide is being vociferously voiced. That there is something more to it than meets the eye began gaining credence with new evidences coming to light.


The claim that Sirisha hung herself using a chunni is being disputed. She was attired in shirt and jeans at the time of death and hence it is questioned as to how she could commit suicide using a chunni. She being nearly six feet in height, the possibility of her hanging from a ceiling fan is also being questioned. Her conversation as found in two audio tapes with Rajeev’s friends, blood stains on her clothes besides injuries on her head and other parts of the body are all factors that need clarity.

The latest theory over her suspicious death is centered round the last message received by her husband regarding her location. As per the police claim, Sirisha had messaged her husband on Whatsapp indicating her location as the police quarters in Kuknoorpally. However, now her husband and relatives claim that the location indicated in her last message was some four km away from the police quarters which is contradictory to the police claim.

Based on the location being shown on the last message of Sirisha to her husband, her kith and kin are alleging that the so-called meeting between her, Rajeev, Shravan and the SI Prabhakar Reddy had not taken place in the police quarters, as was being claimed by the police, but somewhere in a resort four km away.


Even as various theories and claims are being made with regard to Sirisha’s death, the police are awaiting green signal from the court to take into their custody Rajeev and Shravan for further interrogation. While Shravan is being shown as A1 and Rajeev as A2 in the remand report for abetment in the alleged suicide of the beautician and both are now lodged in Chanchalguda Jail following their 14-day judicial custody. The police are also awaiting reports from the forensic experts with regard to the stains found on Sirisha’s clothes. (NSS)