Twinkle trolled for tweeting freedom in danger in India

MUMBAI: Former Bollywood actress and write Twinkle Khanna trolled badly by the supporters of the right-wing brigade on Twitter after she posted a chilling tweet implying that the freedom in India was in danger.

Twinkle, a regular columnist tweeted casting her apprehensions on personal liberty is in danger after the Tuesday’s extraordinary arrests of five noted activists by Pune Police.

Twinkle’s Wednesday tweet read, “Freedom is not lost all at once, it is lost in units of one, one at a time, one activist, one lawyer, one writer till finally, it’s each one of us..”

No sooner she posted the tweet, trolls begins attacking her. One troll wrote, “She is completely mental case.” Another commented, “Pl consult Akki Sir before tweeting… You are spoiling his good work.” “The funds have reached Bollywood it seems. Now ‘intellectual’ bimbos will explain us that how it is a part of our individual freedom to assemble detonators and gelatin sticks,” commented another troll.

On Wednesday, Supreme Court made a scathing observation while hearing the petitions against the arrests of known activists.

Justice Chandrachud said, “Dissent is a safety valve of democracy. If it is not allowed, the pressure cooker will burst.”