Twin cities may face scarcity of water this summer

Hyderabad: Telangana is likely to face a shortage of water this summer. The levels of water in water bodies of the State have already decreased.

A comparative study of Govt. statistics from 15th April 2018 to 15th April 2019 reveals that the level of water has considerably decreased in almost all the bodies.

Here are the statistics

Water Bodies 15th April 2018 15th April 2019
Osman Sagar 1,779.60 1,771.10
Himayat Sagar 1,755.50 1,746.60
Singur 1,698.67 1,676.10
Manjra 1,646.90 1,625.00
Nagarjuna Sagar 513.30 514.70
Sri Sailam 802.70 806.30
Nizam Sagar 1,387.52 1,375.40
Sri Ram Sagar 1,052.00 1,052.70