Twenty thousand Indians seek political asylum in US: Bad report for Modi Govt.

New Delhi: The failure of Modi Govt. has once again been exposed. A report has been published in Washington that since 2014, 20000 Indians have sought political asylum in US.

American Home Land Security Ministry has provided this information to Punjabi Association which takes care of the cases of illegal immigrants from Punjab.

According to the report, women are in large numbers.

Inquilab Bureau spoke to the spokesman of Congress and former MP, Mr. M. Afzal who said that it is a very sensitive issue. It only shows that intolerance is on the increase due to which people are migrating from India. PM and Home Minister should take it seriously.

Former CPI (M) MP Mr. Mohammed Adeeb told that the youths of this country find their future dark and hence they are migrating to other countries. He further told that during the tenures of Mr. Vajpayee and Dr. Manmohan Singh, people were coming back to India since the country was progressing. It only shows that during the past four years, this situation has changed.