Zikr means “remembering” and in Islam Zikr stands for remembering Allah and calling him. Although there are countless virtues, blessings and benefits of Zikr, here we are discussing only twenty of them.

1. Zikr make us closer to Allah. The more we will remember Allah the more we will get closer to Allah SWT.

2. Zikr induces love to our creator that is Allah. Doing Zikr profusely is source of salvation and success for muslim.

3. Zikr is medication for inner peace. It produces joy and happiness in heart and relieves the heart from worries. It is so much necessary for the heart as water for the fish.

4. Zikr assures constant patronage of Allah. When we remember Him he remembers us in his inflictions.

“Whosoever remembers Me in his heart. I remember him in My heart”.
[Bukhari & Muslim]

5. It is a common observation that when a man remains engaged in Zikr he stays way from absurdities like backbiting, abusing and talking rubbish. A person whose tongue is not engaged in zikr is easily caught by previously mentioned absurdities.

6. Zikr purifies heart from worldly desires and indifferences. In hadith it is mentioned that our heart gets rust from desires which can be purified with zikr.

7. Zikr keeps away the Shaitan and weakens his strength.

8. This virtuous act is one of the easiest way of worship. You can do this by just moving your tongue without moving any other part of body. It is also very convenient because you can do zikr any time, and anywhere even if you’re moving or working.

9. There is Hadith according to which Almighty Allah Ta’ala says that

” I will reward one better who is engrossed in Zikr than the one who is busy in making Dua”.

So it is clear from above hadith the the person who in involved and engrossed in Zikr will be rewarded better than a person who makes Dua. Making Dua is also a virtuous deed and we should make dua regularly it is better to engage ourselves in Zikr most of them times.

10. It brightens the face and heart.

11. If we stay away from zikr our heart is tormented by feeling of remoteness from Allah. The feeling caused by neglectfulness can only be cured with Zikr.

12. Zikr can be done in separately or collectively. It is also great act to sit in the gathering where people are busy in remembering Allah. This is same as sitting in the garden of paradise.

13. Zikr removes the hardness from the heart and softens the heart. A man who is often busy in Zikr stays polite and humble.

14. Zikr will act as shield and protects the Zakir (A person of often do Zikr) from fire of hell. The more a person is involved in Zikr the more strong will be protection from fire of hell.

15. Angels surround the person engaged in Zikr.

16. It is one sign of hypocrisy that has been described by Allah Almighty as:

“They do not remember Allah Ta’ala except very rarely.”

Ka’b Ahbâr (RA) narrates a hadith that he who often do the Zikr of Allah is free from hypocrisy.

17. When we perform Zikr, all objects around us hear and record our this act and on the day of judgment they will speak in our favor for forgiveness.

18. When we perform zikr by remembering Allah, He also remembers us in front of His angels.

19. Zikr creates love and affinity for all other worships. A person who often performs zikr is always interested in different Islamic worships.

20. Zikr strengthens the iman and relieves the heart by dispelling all fears from heart.