TV soaps hyping regular rituals too much?

New Delhi, Oct. 19 (ANI): With the festival season around the corner you might often see your favourite TV actors in their puja avatar paying ode to the Gods, but have you ever got the feeling that the rituals they perform are over hyped most of the time?

Be it the big fat Indian wedding or navratri celebrations, the customs and rituals showed in the serials are not what things happen in the real world, I mean which pandit tries to hurry up a wedding with the bride clearly unaware that the man behind the ‘sehra’ is not her lover, but the villain! And the hero fighting multiple goons outside trying to get to the love of his life and at the nick of the moment makes a dramatic, double-door entry to save the day.

Not only these rituals are over hyped in the daily soaps, but are also extended for a life time. Take Durga puja for example, the nine day celebration of goddess Durga’s victory is celebrated for weeks with a lot of “mirch-masala” as the main lead of the serial turns into ‘Durga’ incarnate herself to stomp the evil out of her life and protect her family.

Be it the cliched ‘sindoor ka girna’ or wind blowing out the diya, one can easily guess that something disturbingly dramatic will be coming up in the following episodes.

So the next time when you see the brave heroine running after the dastardly villain to save her family, just switch to a reality show. at least you will be in touch with the ‘real’ world!

By Mehak Sabharwal (ANI)