TV actors don’t have luxury to choose quality stuff: Ashmit Patel

Mumbai: Ashmit Patel says he had the option to stay away from daily soaps thanks to his appearances in films and reality shows, but he feels television stars don’t have such options.

Ashmit recently made his fiction show debut with Zee TV’s thriller drama “Amma”.

The actor, known for films like “Murder” and “Jai Ho” and his stint on reality TV show “Bigg Boss”, says Indian television does not offer great stuff but actors have to sign up for something if they have to earn a living.

“At the end of the day you have bills to pay, you have food to bring to the table. TV actors don’t have an option. They have to accept whatever comes their way and pick the best out of what they are offered,” Ashmit told PTI.

“In my case it is different. I had my films and my job as a DJ so, television is just an add on. I am not solely dependent on TV.”

“Amma”, also starring Shabana Azmi and Yuvika Choudhary, is a finite series and Ashmit says this is one of the reasons he came on board for the show.

“I have been offered TV shows from past five years but I wasn’t in a space where I wanted to do daily soaps. I was looking for something more finite. When ‘Amma’ was offered to me, I was quite close to choosing another show where I was being paid a huge amount but my heart was not in it. So, I was actually selling my soul to do it. I feel very fortunate that ‘Amma’ came in at a crucial point.”

When asked how has the experience been shooting with veteran star Azmi, Ashmit said, “It has just been days of shooting with her but I can already say that I have grown as an actor. She is very generous as an actor. She understands that if we don’t shine along with her then she wouldn’t look good as she would look without us.

“So, she is very helpful in guiding me, praising me. She does not praise me directly but tells the directors when she likes a particular shot of mine.”

The 38-year-old actor said he wishes to balance his career between reality TV, fiction shows and films.