Tussle between residents and GHMC continues over Khilwat ground

Hyderabad: Of late Khilwat ground is being used for parking vehicles. This has led to a tussle between public representatives and residents on one side and the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) and others on the other. On March 6, Shah Ali Banda corporator, Mohammed Mustafa Ali lodged a complaint in this regard. He demanded a complete halt on the activity.

He further said that for the past two months, children have not been able to play football in the ground, as the traffic police have also allowed vehicles to park here. Further, this has stopped senior citizens for using the park as their morning evening walk.

According to locals many vehicles, including private buses are being parked on the ground. They rued that the space is being used as a parking lot by tourists who come to see Chowmahalla Palace and other historic structures here.

However GHMC confirmed that it has not entered into any agreement with any person or company to permit the use of the ground as a parking lot.