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Turkish policeman tries to kill himself, causes panic

Turkish policeman tries to kill himself, causes panic

Ankara: An armed police officer receiving psychiatric treatment caused panic on Wednesday when he barricaded himself in a room at an Istanbul hospital and attempted to commit suicide, the media reported.

Patients and staff were evacuated from Cerahpasa hospital after the police officer receiving treatment at the clinic threatened to shoot himself and others, the BBC reported.

Earlier reports that the armed officer had taken several people hostage proved incorrect.

The chief consultant of the hospital, Zekayi Kutlubay, who was evacuated from the facility, said that there had been “no hostage crises”, adding that the man was “alone in the room”.

Kutlubay said that the man had been receiving psychiatric treatment for the past two years, according to media reports.

He said that the hospital had previously submitted a report stating that the man should not be permitted to carry a gun.

“His firearm was taken away,” Kutlubay said, adding that the gun in the officer’s possession on Wednesday was not his issued firearm.

The incident comes amid tension in Istanbul following several attacks in crowded areas, including the deadly assault on the Reina nightclub on New Year’s Eve which left 39 people dead.