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Tug of war between TRS, MIM for mayor’s post

Tug of war between TRS, MIM for mayor’s post

Tug of war has begun between TRS and MIM for the post of GHMC mayor. It is said that both the parties have staked their claim for the post of mayor though the elections are yet to be held.

According to reliable sources both the parties have decided to contest the election making a secret alliance, while the selection of candidates was done with mutual consultation. This is the reason why TRS has fielded Muslim candidates in 12 wards out of 38 wards coming under old city so that votes of majority community could be divided.

As for the post of major it has been decided that TRS and Majlis will appoint their candidates on the posts of mayor and deputy mayor in turns. However TRS has opposed the proposal and KT Rama Rao has made it clear that this matter will be discussed only after poll results. TRS is confident that it will emerge victorious on over 60 wards. On the basis of which it can stake its claim on the post of mayor.

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