TS: Private schools announces support for Tiranga Rally

Hyderabad: The Telangana Private Schools Joint Action Committee for against CAA, NRC and NPR on Wednesday urged the private schools and other educational institutions in the State to come out in solidarity with protests against CAA, NRC and NPR. Addressing a Press Conference at Media Plus Auditorium in Hyderabad on Wednesday, the JAC called upon students, academicians and educationists to play their part in making the Tiranga Rally a huge success.

The Tiranga Rally will be held on Friday. It will commence after Friday prayers at Eid Gah Mir Alam and progress towards Shastripuram.

It said “participating in the Tiranga Rally also known as Save Constitution Rally” is the prerogative of every citizen to protect the constitution and its secular character. The protests have awakened a sense of awareness among the citizens. There will be efforts to prevent the rally from success, but it is the duty of every citizen to ensure such efforts are nullified, peacefully.”

The committee had earlier also appealed for making the Million March a success.

According to committee member Mr. Fazl ur Rahman Khurram, the solidarity exhibited by Indians rising beyond religious and cultural lines to voice against NRC, NPR and CAA have reinvigorated India’s ‘unity in diversity.’

The JAC appealed to the students participating in the rally to maintain discipline, cleanliness of the roads and ensure that law and order situation is not affected in any way. It also advised the participants to avoid provocative and religious sloganeering.

Educationists and academicians from different private educational institutions including Mr. Mahmood Sajid, Mr Syed Hyder Ali, Mr. Mahmood Sohail Quadri, Mr. A M Hakeem , Mr Mohammed Maqdoom Ali Khan, Mr. Ahmed Idris and Mr. Ahmad Hussain were present during the conference.