TS partners with IIT-Hyd’s VoW for Covid inoculation in remote areas

Hyderabad: Aiming to complete vaccination of all marginalised sections in the state, the Telangana government has partnered with IIT-Hyderabad start-up VaccineOnWheels. Under the arrangement 50 mobile vaccination clinics will reach out to those who are in the periphery zone.

VaccineOnWheels creates hospital-like sterile setups near communities to provide vaccination services. 

Community based Mobile Vaccination Clinic will help India in achieving higher immunization penetration by getting faster acceptance towards vaccination, giving higher convenience with reduced cost of seeking service with zero travel cost, zero travel time, lost wages, and many more, an IITH statement said.

Centre for Healthcare Entrepreneurship, IITHyderabad’s incubated startup, VaccineOnWheels had introduced India’s first Doctor-based Mobile Vaccination Clinic in 2019, in association with IITH, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and CfHE. 

To reduce inequality and increase immunization penetration, VaccineOnWheels takes vaccination facility near to the community, giving higher convenience while ensuring access to all economic strata.

Prof B. Murty, Director IIT Hyderabad, said, “The innovative and first-of-its-kind approach by VaccineOnWheels to vaccinate India’s “unreached population” is need of the hour for both Covid-19 & Non-Covid-19 vaccination. VaccineOnWheels and team have already saved more than two lakh lives and will indeed save millions in the coming months.”

Under the unique PPP, vaccination is administered free of cost for beneficiaries with vaccines provided by Government and vaccination is administered by VaccinOnWheels.