TS Haj Committee Chairman assures all amenities to Hajjis

Roshan Bint Raheem

Hyderabad: Chairman of TS Haj Committee Mohammed Masiullah Khan assured that the arrangements for hajj pilgrims who are arriving on 17th July from nearby states of Telangana to Haj House are nearly completed for the convenience of Hajjis.

 Speaking to siasat.com Mr. Masiullah khan said, “All the special arrangements had been done we are trying our best to provide comfort to all the hajjis and their relatives who would come to send them off.”

The work had been already started on July 5 and was completed by July 15. Over 60 workers were involved in all the arrangements who had been working from morning 10 a.m. till night at 11 p.m.

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“I’m glad to hear that Air India Airlines are going to recite Safar Dua (travelling prayer) for Hajjis,” says Mr. Masiullah Khan.

This dua is recited by Muslim’s before they start any journey praying to Allah to protect them on their journeys and get them back home safely to their families.

He further added that safety measures, Accommodation, Food and all the basic facilities are being provided.

For the first time of its kind under the shelter around 20 ACs have been installed and the Haj Committee have also kept LED screens for instructions to the pilgrim’s, AC buses are being used for transportation and new cots are being provided.

The haj committee has left no stone unturned in providing the best facilities for all the Hajj pilgrim’s this year. Mr. Masiullah added.