TS Govt. Harassing Private Educational Institutions: Ravula

Telangana TDP senior leader Ravula Chandrasekhar Reddy today alleged that in the name of standard in education, TRS government is harassing managements of private educational institutions in the state.

Speaking to media he said 232 engineering colleges have been closed due to harassment of the TRS government which the help of the policeĀ  undertaking inspections of the colleges without any prior permission thus causing inconvenience to the students and as well as their parents.

Thousands of people have lost their jobs due to closure of engineering colleges, he said and alleged that now situation is that the students are going other states for professional courses. There were 11 engineering colleges when KCR was Mahabubnagar MP, but now there are only two colleges in the district. In the name of standard of education, the state government is harassing the managements of private engineering colleges, he alleged.

He questioned why the state government is targeting such colleges forcing their closure. He said TRS came to power in Telangana, 232 engineering colleges were closed down. Last year 174 colleges were closed and this year 58 colleges were closed down. Presently only 125 engineering colleges are working in the state.(NSS)