TS Govt. on the footsteps of Centre; changing Muslim identity of places

Hyderabad: While the Telangana government raise the slogan of secularism and Hindu-Muslim unity and tries to appease Muslims by narrating the achievements of Nizam of Hyderabad, on the other hand, it is trying to impose a specific Hindu culture on the people in a planned manner. As the BJP government at the centre, at the behest of Sangh Parivar, had changed the areas symbolic to Muslim rulers or Muslim culture and introduced the matter related to a particular culture in the syllabus books. Similarly, KCR government also wants to impose a particular culture in Telangana. He is busy in changing the names of the districts having a Muslim identity. KCR government divided 10 districts of Telangana into 31 districts. At that time Telugu and Hindu culture was attached to some famous districts having Muslim names so that in future the Muslim names would go into the background and the areas could be identified with Hindu names.

The Hindu name Komaram Bheem was attached to Asifabad district. Not a single new district was named after a Muslim personality. Had KCR been secular, he would have named the new districts after the name of any family member of Nizam of Hyderabad. Instead, he named a district after Prof Jaishankar who was his teacher.

The new districts like Bhadradri and Yadadari are named after Hindu temples. Similarly, Mahboob Nagar has been changed to Palamoor.