TS Govt. buy ‘Oxygen free Nitrogen’ showcase worth Rs. 58 lakh to preserve Mummy for 500 years

Hyderabad: To preserve the Egyptian Mummy kept in Hyderabad State Museum which was donated to the former Nizam of Hyderabad, Mr. Meer Mahmood Ali Khan in 1920, an oxygen-free nitrogen showcase worth Rs. 58 lakh was bought by TS Govt. It is bought to preserve Mummy for 500 years.

It was reported that 2000-year-old Mummy was getting shattered since it was kept in an ordinary glass showcase due to lack of knowledge. It was getting oxygen which was damaging the Mummy.

Ten years back, the Dept. of Archeology noticed that some organs of the Mummy were getting shattered. The opinion was sought from the Egyptian experts. They opined that the Mummy should be kept in an oxygen free showcase. This case was pending for the past 10 years.

In the newly bought showcase, oxygen will not enter. Nitrogen gas would be pumped into the showcase continuously. In case of current failure, a generator is kept ready.

–Siasat News